Face lift for customers of less than 40. Reduction of wrinkles & improvement of skin volumes.


The active ingredients from F-XFC+ FACE are well known from anti-ageing doctors as they commonly use them to treat wrinkles and loss of volume. Organic silica is the main ingredient of this formula with various effects as cytostimulation, free radicals blocker, anti-glycation, anti-wrinkles, firming, collagen booster and anti-inflammatory.
DMAE is an analogue of the B vitamin choline a precursor of acetylcholine. The DMAE is used in dermatology for its potent anti-inflammatory effect and stimulation of the muscle tone reducing wrinkles and skin sagging. Hyaluronic acid is providing moisture and skin volume.

Active ingredients


  • DMAE 0,5%
  • Organic silicon 5%
  • Hyaluronic acid 0,5%


User indications


  • Transdermal delivery beauty devices.