Base cream, add 5 ml of meso solution to create personalised creams.


Unique base cream to prepare personalized treatments with meso solutions. The cream can be personalized depending on the indication. The technology behind the essential cream is a water-in-oil emulsion highly resistant to electrolytes. It easily incorporate any meso solutions. The cream is highly stable with a rich nourishing texture. The perfect skin care after mesotherapy or skin micro-needling. The scent is fresh and energizing, composed of a mixture of citrus fruits.


Scent: Ceylan tea and fresh citric.


Product texture: Rich water-in-oil emulsion with bright and fine texture that can be mixed with any type of Fusion Meso vials to create personalised treatments. It incorporates a specific blend of oils to create a long lasting protective film over the skin. At application the texture feels light and easy to apply, the after-feel is a long lasting nutritive sensation.

How to use?


Add progressively while mixing with a spatula 5 ml of meso solution into the base cream till the cream is uniform. Creams can be stored in fridge and used within 6 weeks.Wash your face before you apply your night cream. Collect a dime-size amount of the cream. Dab it onto your face. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream on to your skin. Do not apply the night cream on your eye-lids.

Active ingredients


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